Student Video Projects

Rapping about Vienna. Featuring Juliet Kaufmann, Jenna Jacobson, Annemarie Stone and Pilar Svendsen, aka  “Die Mädels”, with cameo appearances by Hans-Jörg Künast  and Logan Clendening. (Vienna Program, 2012)

The Gardens of Austria. Featuring Sedona Kolodney, Kevin Day, Megan Powell and India Barton (Vienna Program 2014)

A Romp through Vienna. Directed by Timothy Edward Gaensler-Debs and Tyler Williams. Featuring Alex Armacost, Kenny Dollinger, Bryan Frank, Lisa Hogle, Sean Hongo, Cory Jacobs and Moriah Miller. (Vienna Program 2014)

Who is Sisi? The Life of Empress Elizabeth of Austria? By Adriana Gwyn.  (Vienna Program 2014)

Francis Josef and the Fall of the Empire. By Alex Figueiredo. (Vienna Program 2017)

U-Bahn: A Guide through Vienna. By Mariah Mundt and Michaela Mundt. (Vienna Program 2017)

The Alps: For Geologists and Hikers. By Trent Capurso, Huck Rees, Kelly Scott and Philip Maynard. (Vienna Program 2017)

Vienna’s Most Haunted. By Kerri Ritter, Jessica Galiste, Lexi McBride, and Claire Winter (Vienna Program 2019)